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CFIT Newsletter - June 2023

Welcome to the very first edition of the Circular and Fair ICT Pact (CFIT) newsletter! June holds great significance for all participants of the Circular and Fair ICT Pact. We reflect upon the impactful launch of the Pact two years ago. However, what holds even greater importance this month, is our first in-person meeting, where we came together to jointly identify priorities for the future.

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CFIT Framework and practical examples

The CFIT Framework for Circular and Fair ICT Procurement outlines what circular


and fair procurement of ICT means to its participants. In the coming weeks we will be regularly publishing inspiring case studies that illustrate what implementation can look like. The first examples available are around:

  • Promoting carbon and energy reduction in the supply chain as well as the use phase (The Netherlands)
  • Promoting due diligence and transparency (Belgium)
  • Promoting reparability through procurement (Norway)
  • Avoiding the supply of unnecessary accessories (Switzerland)

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TCO Development joins CFIT as a supporting organization

Delighted to announce that TCO Development has joined CFIT as the first

supporting organization. With their extensive experience in promoting IT sector sustainability and as the authority behind TCO Certified, TCO Development brings valuable expertise to CFIT.
In our interview with Clare Hobby, Director Purchaser Engagement at TCO Development, she emphasizes procurement's crucial role in sustainability, particularly within the complex IT category. Through collaboration with CFIT, TCO Development aims to foster understanding and implement targeted approaches to address sustainability challenges effectively.