Three types of participants

  • The co-leading particpants are managing and arranging the Circular & Fair ICT Pact and its activities
  • Coordinating participants organize and facilitate buyer groups in their respective countries or regions.
  • Procuring participants are public and private organizations committed to circular and fair procurement of ICT

CFIT implementation is facilitated by a secretariat. The secretariat is currently hosted by the Government of The Netherlands and supported by UNEP. Contact us at

Text of the Circular and Fair ICT Pact

Supporting organizations

Organizations that cannot be procuring or coordinating participants, can associate themselves with CFIT as "Supporting Organization".

For more detail on the different types of participants as well as on supporting organizations, please have a look at the text of the ICT Pact (via the box on the right hand side).

CFIT participants

The Netherlands (Co-lead)

logo netherlands

Belgium (Co-lead)

logo belgium


Australia - planet-ark-1


logo austria


logo canada

Flanders region

Belgium Flanders-state-of-the-art

Flanders Region

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logo norway


logo switzerland

United Kingdom

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Walloon Region

logo Wallonia

Walloon Region

Belgium - Commune d'Engis

Supporting organizations

TCO Development


Electronics Watch

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