How to contribute

The Circular & Fair ICT Pact aims to bring together procuring organizations. To contribute to our collective aims we invite you to actively engage in one of the following roles.


Every public or private organization procuring ICT can sign up to become a participant of the pact. Your contribution is the basis for everything we do: buying ICT as circular and fair as we can. The more we harmonize our demand, show real ambition and share what we learn, the more effect we will have together. The partnership will help you with common criteria, guidelines and examples to use.

You can contribute by signing the pact as a procuring organizing or by simply joining a buyer group in your country or region. A buyer group is a peer group of ICT procurers, coming together to share knowledge and good examples, and work together in defining ambitions and a common market approach.


National, regional or local governments or agencies can participate in the Pact as a coordinating organization. Their role is to organize and support the ICT buyer groups in their respective country or region, to collect monitoring results and feedback and link up with the international CFIT network. CFIT can provide support in how to set up a buyer group.


To avoid any conflict of interest, organizations such as ICT producers, ICT value chain partners, NGOs, network and knowledge organizations cannot sign the Pact as participants. Because they are vital partners in creating a circular change, they are invited to sign up as supporters of the CFIT Pact. Signing up as a supporter means you are invited to provide constructive input on the dialogue about specific topics and issues. As a supporter you can advocate the Pact, its approach and outcomes.


The CFIT Pact needs your expertise on procurement, criteria and monitoring in international working groups for high level dialogue with the market, NGOs and policymakers. Experts will be selected in consultation with the participants.

Please contact us for more information on how to join or support the Circular & Fair ICT Pact.

Download the official Pact , read it, sign it

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