Join CFIT as a procuring organization

Procuring organizations play a vital role in creating the demand for sustainable ICT. CFIT offers a unique platform that unites ICT procurers and governments, paving the way for international collaboration. Together, we can accelerate the shift towards a greener ICT market, leveraging our collective procurement power to foster sustainable business cases and spur innovation through meaningful market dialogue.

From this summer onwards we will be facilitating knowledge exchange and good practices between our participants, while developing guidance to support procuring organizations to take next steps. A Community of Practice will be formed around incorporating due diligence and transparency. In addition we will be facilitating knowledge exchange on specific CFIT commitments, as well as organizing a webinar on software.

Sign the Pact and become part of the CFIT network and participate in the knowledge exchange on topics of your interest! By joining CFIT, you'll gain access to valuable resources such as in-depth discussions on sustainable practices, engagement with thematic communities of practice, and a strong network of like-minded organizations. Embrace the opportunity to shape a more sustainable and responsible ICT industry. Join CFIT and be at the forefront of shaping a more sustainable future for the ICT sector.

Are you a forward-thinking procuring organization searching for innovative ways to drive sustainability in the ever-evolving world of ICT? Look no further, for inquiries and more information on how to join CFIT, contact us.