Strengthening collaboration: inspiring insights from our in-person meeting!

CFIT recently concluded its first-ever in-person meeting, which proved to be a remarkable success. Our enthusiastic participants from various countries gathered to share knowledge and ignite a collective passion for creating an ICT industry that embraces circularity, fairness and sustainability. Over the course of two enlightening days, industry experts, working groups, and program management discussions delved into critical aspects of sustainability of ICT.

The event commenced with an impressive panel of industry experts who explored crucial topics related to sustainability in the ICT sector. Their insights provided valuable perspectives on how to address key challenges.

Notable highlights included:

  1. David Peck - Explored the significance of critical raw materials and advocated for extending the lifetime of IT products, emphasizing the importance of resource conservation.

  2. Peter Pawlicki - Emphasized the importance of fair working conditions in the ICT industry, highlighting the need for ethical labor practices and equitable treatment of workers.

  3. Justin Sutton-Parker - Presented valuable data on IT greenhouse emissions, contributing to the understanding of the sector's environmental impact and the identification of areas for improvement.

  4. Barton Finn - Addressed the topic of chemicals in IT products, emphasizing the importance of sustainable practices and responsible chemical management, promoting a safer and healthier environment.

Building on the knowledge shared during the panel discussions, the CFIT meeting formed three working groups: Circular, Fair, and Climate & Energy.  Aligned with the CFIT framework, these groups provided a platform for dynamic discussions and allowed participants to contribute their expertise. The working groups aimed to explore innovative approaches to sustainability and collaborate on practical solutions.

On the second day of the CFIT meeting, the focus shifted to program management-related topics, including monitoring and evaluation, outreach, and refining the strategic approach. Engaging discussions generated exciting ideas and initiatives, with more details on these developments to be shared in upcoming communications!

The CFIT in-person meeting was a remarkable start to fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange within the global ICT community. The enthusiasm and passion displayed by participants served as a driving force for progress. With significant strides made during the event, the CFIT community eagerly anticipates continuing the conversations, gaining valuable insights, and working collaboratively towards achieving a sustainable and responsible ICT sector.