TCO Development joins CFIT as a supporting organization

Among the first organizations to embrace the role of supporting organizations within CFIT is TCO Development. With over 30 years of experience in promoting sustainability in the IT sector, TCO Development brings valuable expertise and insights to the table. As the organization behind TCO Certified, a widely used sustainability certification for IT products, TCO Development shares our ambition to drive environmental and social responsibility throughout the ICT value chain.

TCO Development's Role in CFIT
To gain insights into TCO Development's motivation and their alignment with CFIT's objectives, we had the opportunity to interview Clare Hobby, Director Purchaser Engagement at TCO Development. When asked about the motivation to participate in CFIT as a supporting organization, Clare Hobby replies "We strongly believe in the power of procurement to make a positive impact in advancing sustainability - particularly in a category as complex as IT. With CFIT, we see a gathering of not just influential purchasers but a gathering of purpose. This collective focus on IT - with its complexity and unique sustainability challenges - helps build a common understanding and targeted approaches that send a powerful signal to the industry. For TCO Development, this kind of coordinated approach has the potential to make a real difference in how quickly, and how effectively, many of today's hot spots can be addressed."

CFIT's Perspective on TCO Development's Involvement

Marieke Weerdesteijn, Programme manager of CFIT, is pleased that TCO Development is the first supporting organization to join CFIT. TCO Certified is quite widely used among our participants as a means of verification of sustainability requirements in the procurement process. “To have short lines of communication with the team behind this certification, is very valuable for us”. The value of collaboration that Clare outlines in our conversation is shared by the CFIT secretariat. "TCO Development’s deep understanding and experience at all levels of the IT product value chain is something we are able to offer as support to CFIT members. IT is a complex and unique category, from the product components and materials, right down to the extraction of essential raw materials and sprawling global supply chain. This complexity is often hidden from view for many purchasers, so we are able to offer some expert insights to members that help guide their work. At the same time, we are able to learn from purchaser members of CFIT and get a deeper understanding of their challenges, priorities, and approaches. Again, creating a common understanding and approach is essential for real sustainability progress."

Recommendations for Procuring Organizations
We ask Clare if she has any recommendations for procuring organizations, her reply is "Firstly, do something! Far too many procuring organizations in the world today aren't including sustainability aspects in procurement. It's such an important market signal to your product suppliers, so purchasers need to use it. Also, joining in peer networks like CFIT is a great way to amplify your impact by creating a larger demand signal."

TCO Development's Commitment and Expertise
By joining CFIT as a supporting organization, TCO Development solidifies its commitment to a coordinated approach to sustainability in the IT industry. Their extensive understanding of the complexities within the IT product value chain enables them to provide expert guidance to CFIT participants. Simultaneously, TCO Development gains a deeper understanding of the challenges, priorities, and approaches of CFIT's procuring participants, fostering collaboration and a united front for driving sustainable progress in the ICT sector. Together, CFIT and TCO Development exemplify the power of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and collective action in transforming the ICT industry into a more circular, fair, and sustainable ecosystem.

About TCO Development

TCO Development has a rich history that spans over 30 years, beginning with the introduction of the world's first global certification for IT products. This certification focused on energy consumption, emissions, and included an energy-saving sleep mode for computer displays. Over time, TCO Certified has evolved to become the leading global sustainability certification for IT products. Its comprehensive criteria are meticulously designed to foster social and environmental responsibility throughout the entire product life cycle. The criteria cover key areas such as Climate, Hazardous Substances, Circularity, and Supply Chain sustainability. Compliance is independently verified both before and after certification. TCO Certified sets standards that surpass legislation and industry norms, driving progress and pushing the IT industry towards greater sustainability. Updated criteria and verification methods are developed every three years to facilitate incremental change and address sustainability concerns effectively. TCO Development serves as the organization behind TCO Certified, the esteemed sustainability certification for IT products. Their global efforts are focused on advancing a future where every IT product boasts a sustainable life cycle. TCO Development works closely with purchasing organizations, engages with the IT industry, and collaborates with a diverse range of subject matter and policy experts worldwide to fulfill their mission.