Programme CFIT Launch Event

Programme of the CFIT Launch Event - June 14th – 4-5 pm CET
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Welcome and Opening

Chair of the meeting: Sofie van den Enk
Host for the CFIT launch: Ms. Van Veldhoven, Minister for the Environment, The Netherlands

Opening Panel

Panel discussion about the importance of circular and fair ICT and the role of procurement

  • Ms. Van Veldhoven, the Dutch Minister for the Environment
  • Ms. Khattabi, the Belgian federal Minister of Climate, Environment, Sustainable Development and Green Deal
  • Ms. Nancy Gillis, Partner in the new Circular Electronics Partnership and CEO of the Global Electronics Council
  • Mr. Steven Stone, Chief of the UN Environment’s Resources & Market Branch

Introduction of the Circular and Fair ICT Pact

Pitches on the potential of circular and fair procurement of ICT

Brief presentations from CFIT partner country procurers, showcasing some circular and fair procurement best practices

  • Mr. Adam Turner, Defra, United Kingdom
  • Mr. Alexander Lemmens, Agency for Facility Operations, Belgium

Signing ceremony

Join the live stream of the CFIT launch

The live stream starts today, June 14 at 4 pm CET, click the link below