Why join

ICT has become a fundamental part of modern daily lives. Our smartphones and computers connect us, provide access to a vast world of information and create countless opportunities for business. Digitization and smart tools can also be instrumental in creating a more sustainable world and help towards a post-Covid green recovery.

At the same time the ICT sector is itself a significant source of carbon emissions worldwide. It is currently responsible for 2 to 4% of global CO2 emissions and this percentage is growing. In addition, the ICT sector is dependent on a wide range of rare minerals whose mining, production and waste phases can have a high negative impact on the environment, on human rights and labor rights. Only a small proportion of these materials is currently effectively reused or recycled.

Power of procurement

Procurement can be an important lever to help speed up the necessary change by creating an increased, consistent demand for circular and fair ICT. Many organizations around the world have great ambitions and want to make a change in their ICT procurement. Unlike many other markets however, the disparity in size between individual procurers and global ICT brands is simply too great. Even collaboration on a national level falls short.

To empower ICT procurement, public and private procurers have to collaborate on an international scale. CFIT has been set up to support this collaboration and engage with the market on an equal footing. Together we can make a change!

Together with the market

To establish a circular economy we need product innovation and the closing of material loops. This can only be brought about by joint efforts in a value chain collaboration. Our procurement can help accelerate this process if we stay in close contact with manufacturers, producers and resellers from the supply side. Together we can take steps forwards that are both ambitious and technologically and economically feasible.