Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat joins CFIT

In alignment with the Government of Canada's commitment to environmental responsibility and modernizing service delivery, the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat has joined the Circular and Fair ICT Pact in the roles of coordinator and procurer. This strategic decision seamlessly aligns with the Government of Canada's Digital Ambition and Greening Government Strategy (GGS).

Marieke Weerdesteijn, CFIT’s program manager, is delighted with the Canadian government joining CFIT. “It is fantastic that CFIT's membership is expanding. This allows us to learn from sustainable procurement practices worldwide. The enthusiasm and outside-the-box thinking of the Canadian team will undoubtedly provide valuable contributions to our ongoing work sessions.” The Government of Canada sees CFIT as an opportunity to leverage international best practices and expand its knowledge base in sustainable IT procurement. This will be one avenue to advance national objectives under the GGS, including the goal of achieving net-zero operations by 2050.

CFIT's innovative approach of uniting IT procurers and governments resonates with Canada's vision of sustainable development. The Government of Canada eagerly anticipates the opportunity to collaborate with CFIT partners, not only to advance sustainable ICT practices within its borders but also to contribute to the international dialogue. By actively participating in this global initiative, Canada aims to share its expertise, gain insights from international counterparts, and collectively contribute to the advancement of sustainable ICT practices on a global scale.

Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat