First CFIT Implementation examples available

The CFIT Framework for Circular and Fair ICT Procurement sets out what CFIT Participants believe circular and fair ICT procurement is all about. Please do have a look at this easy-to-read 10-page document. We do realize that people ask themselves the question, what does implementation look like in practice?

In order to provide inspiration, we have been working on collecting and summarizing examples of what implementation can look like in practice. The examples described in brief case studies focus on just one topic.

In each case study we focus on:

  • what was implemented?
  • how was it put in place?
  • who was involved?
  • what were the outcomes and lessons learned?

The first four examples look at CO2 reduction, avoiding unnecessary accessories, reparability and due diligence.

Follow this space as more examples will be added in the coming weeks!

Many thanks to Aure and Simon of ECPAR who have supported us with developing these case studies! Contact us if you have an inspirational example which illustrates elements of the CFIT Framework!

Click here for the CFIT framework and practical examples!