Circular and Fair ICT Pact welcomes the Global Electronics Council as a supporting organization

The Global Electronics Council (GEC)* has recently joined the Circular and Fair ICT Pact (CFIT) as a supporting organization. This step reflects its dedication to collaborative efforts aimed at fostering responsible practices within the ICT industry, which is closely aligned with GEC’s mission to accelerate the transition to a world in which only sustainable technology is bought and sold.

Marieke Weerdesteijn (CFIT program manager) is pleased that GEC has become a supporting organization for CFIT. GEC manages the ecolabel EPEAT, widely used in the ICT industry. “It is fantastic to now have organizations behind three of the key initiatives supporting CFIT. Alongside GEC, TCO Development and Electronics Watch also support CFIT. The years of knowledge, experience, and expertise these organizations bring to the table are invaluable.”

Within the CFIT community, GEC expresses a keen interest in learning from CFIT’s participants. This includes gaining insights into sustainable procurement experiences, anticipating future needs, navigating existing challenges, and sharing success stories. GEC believes that these shared insights will significantly contribute to collective efforts aimed at fostering sustainability in the ICT sector.

In joining CFIT as a supporting organization, GEC aims to actively participate by sharing its deep understanding of the electronics value chain, as well as the sustainability impacts of ICT products and its experience of working with procurement professionals.

* The Global Electronics Council (GEC) is a mission-driven nonprofit that leverages the power of purchasers to create a world where only sustainable technology is bought and sold. GEC’s work is focused on high-impact sustainability issues, such as climate change and product circularity. It manages the EPEAT ecolabel and produces other resources to support sustainable technology procurement, including training, purchasing guides, sample procurement language, and more.

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