CFIT News and Season's Greetings, December 2023

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December is the time of year for reflection. Looking back at 2023 with our colleagues at the CFIT secretariat, we can only conclude that it was a year of many firsts – and it makes us hungry for more. Around this time last year, the CFIT framework for circular and fair procurement of ICT was published. Besides hosting a webinar introducing this framework, we have collaborated with CFIT participants and consultants on a broad range of examples to show what its implementation may look like! These examples show what can already be done, but also what challenges we face. At the CFIT in-person meeting in June, it was therefore decided to strengthen the focus on knowledge exchange and guidance development. Which is what we have been working on since the summer. We are looking forward to sharing the first results in the next issue of CFIT News. Are you interested in receiving more frequent updates? Follow CFIT on LinkedIn!

For 2023 that leaves us with wishing you and your loved ones all the best for 2024!

From Framework to Action

The strategies and commitments of the CFIT Framework for Circular and Fair ICT procurement are quite straightforward: CFIT participants aim to buy less, buy better, use products better and use them longer. But what does that look like in practice? What are good practices and challenges that organizations face? And what solutions are available? This is what CFIT participants are working on at the moment!

In November we have launched a CFIT Community of Practice on due diligence and transparency for organizations procuring ICT. With the support of KU Leuven’s Hiva Institute, the members exchange knowledge and experiences and take next steps with regards to effectively promoting due diligence and transparency in their supply chains.

In addition, we have started to develop guidance for procuring organizations on specific subtopics. We kicked off with the topics product lifetime extension and buying remanufactured products. Early 2024 these will be followed by topics addressing CO2 impacts including embedded carbon and critical raw materials and circularity. Alongside these endeavors, we will be facilitating a webinar on sustainable software.

Are these topics of interest to you? Connect with the secretariat at to explore engagement options!

A Year of Growth: New CFIT Participants

As we reflect on the past year, CFIT is pleased to announce the addition of new participants eager to make meaningful contributions to advancing circular and fair practices within the ICT sector.

CFIT has expanded its global reach by welcoming the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, the Slovenian Ministry of the Environment, and the Partenariat des Achats Informatiques Romands from Switzerland. Their commitment not only enriches our community but also strengthens global collaboration.

In addition to our growing network of participants, we have established valuable collaborations with organizations that bring unique insights and support to our initiative. TCO Development, Electronics Watch, and the Global Electronics Council have joined us as supporters, infusing our collective efforts with their expertise and resources. Looking ahead, there is a promising prospect of the Pan American Health Organization joining us as a procuring participant in the coming year.

With a diverse group of coordinating, procuring, and supporting organizations actively engaged in CFIT, we find ourselves well-positioned to drive tangible change and promote responsible practices in the ICT industry. We continue to commit to enhancing collective procurement power by fostering dialogue, sharing practical approaches, and steering initiatives for a more sustainable ICT ecosystem. If your organization shares our vision and wants to contribute to our collective impact, please contact us at

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