CFIT to attend WCEF Accelerator Session on April 17th in Brussels

CFIT is set to participate in the upcoming World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF) accelerator session, organized by the Belgian Presidency of the EU Council in Brussels on April 17th. Facilitated by Circular Flanders, the event promises to offer insightful exploration into the pivotal role of public and private buyers in promoting circular practices.

Under the theme "Procuring Change: Navigating the Circular Economy Through a Strategic and Social Lens," the session will explore the roles of public and private buyers in promoting circular practices. It will highlight examples of successful social and circular procurement strategies, emphasizing collaborative efforts between authorities and companies. Marieke Weerdesteijn, representing CFIT, looks forward to contributing to discussions on navigating the circular economy through a social lens alongside co-panelists.

For further information about the event,  visit the official website and click on the above right box. The event aims to address climate goals by fostering cooperation among Member States towards a circular society. Circular Flanders, Walloon Region, Brussels Region, and the federal government will share their journeys towards embracing circular practices, offering valuable insights for various sectors, including companies, cities, knowledge institutes, and citizens.

CFIT looks forward to engaging in constructive discussions and sharing experiences with fellow attendees, contributing to the advancement of sustainable practices.