The ambition of CFIT is to accelerate production and use of circular and fair ICT products worldwide through the power of procurement, starting with laptops and smartphones. Our aim is to promote having these products widely available on the market by 2030.

Procuring circular means we maximise the lifetime of products and their components, stimulate innovation, boost the use of refurbishment, remanufacturing and repair, close material loops and minimise carbon emissions and environmental impacts. We can measure our direct effects by calculating our collective carbon reduction.

Procuring fair means we promote transparent value chains and champion human rights and fair working conditions.

Our approach

The partnership works along two main courses of action. On the one hand it seeks to empower individual procurers by connecting them to their peers, encouraging knowledge sharing and providing good examples, guidance and common criteria. This helps create a broad movement of more harmonized, ambitious circular and fair demand.

On the other hand, CFIT brings together frontrunner procurers in a high level dialogue with brand owners, manufacturers, the recycling industry, NGOs and policymakers. Together they can set goals for further development and innovation, by aligning procurer ambitions with supplier possibilities to create a worldwide collaborative movement.